Pokemon Y The Wrath of Yveltal

It was a normal day, I was going to the gamestop to get pokemon Y. I find only one left in stock with the picture scratched up. As soon as I get back I grab my 3ds and put the game in. It starts as any other pokemon game would, showing the legendary and the new game or continue selections.

I see it already has a save file and decide to continue. I check my party and see I have 6 Yveltals in my party all level 100. I assume they were cloned and continue on my way to the pokemon center and check the PC. I pick someone's PC and check my pokemon. The PC has zygarde mewtwo and zapdos, I look through the rest of the boxes but only see darkness in them.

I figured it was a glitch but I was dead wrong. This is where everything begins to get freaky. As I exit the PC I hear the cry of zapdos mewtwo and zygarde but choked up. I check the PC again and find them wounded and blood red. I check the boxes again and find 3 fletchlings named get, out, and now.

I soft reset the game but I find myself where you would fight mewtwo but the cave is blood red with a sprite of mewtwo split in half. The carachter is pale and won't move.The screen goes black for a minute and I hear an ear piercing screech and find a scatterbug being eaten by a Yveltal. It stares at my player with an eerie smile. It's cry is very low and flies away.

I check my team to find an absol, a pidgey, a pikachu, and a poochyena named now, it's, your, and turn. I'm now at where you would normally fight diantha but there is a Yveltal covered in blood, and I get pulled into a battle with only mewtwo y. Once he fainted my player appeared, the text says, Yveltal used oblivion wing... You have fainted.

I find him laying on the floor oozing blood. I shut my 3ds off and sit on my couch and turn it back on but he was still dead. Yveltal jumps and flies at the screen. I freak out, take the game out and drill a hole in the cartridge and it was the last time I've ever played pokemon Y

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