I do not own this was written by "Missingnochu" on Deviantart and I believe it to be a 'first attempt' Pokepasta. Anyways, do not edit this document unless you can find some fan-art or some form of youtube reading on this. Also feel free to fix any grammatical errors.

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The Story

A while ago I begged my mom to go to gamestop to get pokemon conquest, after all, I just got my braces tightened, and It really hurt, and I needed something to make up for it. We jumped into her silver, shiny new car, as I sat down on the sqishy black seat, placing my leafeon plushy, Toby, on my lap. I kept telling my mom to go faster, even though our house was about 2 miles away from gamestop. We walked into gamestop, and I cutely smiled at the desk and asked if they had an extra copy of Pokemon conquest. They said they had an extra one had left here. I payed 39 dollars out of my bag and handed it to the man. He told me it was an epic game, and handed me a a bag.

I ripped open the bag to see the shiny, new case of the game. I dragged my moms arm, and we ran back to the car. I climed into my seat, and again placed toby next to me. I started jumping around in seat as we waited for the traffic to pass by. After about 15 minutes we got home. I jumped out of the car onto the dusty, oil covered rock floor of the garage. I opened the white, wooden door and saw my two dogs, Nemo and Lola, jumping up on me. I ignored them and continued to hop over the laundry hamper. I pranced over to my beloved blue, 3ds, and pushed the cartridge that was currently in there, Pokemon Black. I threw it onto my mom's pile of paperwork, which we wasted all my drawing paper on. I opened up the pokemon conquest case, and threw the cartridge in fangirl sqee-ing.

I was so exited. I saw the picture of the spinning Ds cartridge. It had a serious looking guy, and a zekrom, but the zekrom was a blood red color, which is not normal. I thought it was a special zekrom, and continued pressing the a button. I watched the 3d sign flash off, and watched as the black screen faded to white. I sat through the beginning credits, and then finally got to the touch screen, displayed with the blood red zekrom, and a bunch of other people with blood red pokemon. I moved on thinking, "The pokemon are all special, being red." I clicked the start button. It said, "Continue, the ledgend on ransei,100:00." I thought the play time was a bit suspicious, but I quickly shaked it off. I didn't know someone owned the game before me. I couldn't do anything else, so I just hit the A button. A eevee appeared on the screen. He was covered in blood and scars were all over his skin, and several parts of his body was rotting.

His fur was striped faint blue and blood red, and his tail had thorns in them. He looks like he has been giving lots of beatings, like the characters from Peta's pokemon parody, "Pokemon Black and Blue" "Why did you sell me...Did you Not LIKE ME?" The Eevee sobbed. "You were my best friend..." He sniffed. He started crying deep crimson blood, and it gushed all over the bushes in the front of what looked like a japanese castle. "I wandered the farms, and the grasslands looking for you..." He started crying even more red crimson blood from his eyes. As a courps of a jigglypuff with no pupils, or eyeballs at all, floated over to the eevee and patted his back. He took an strip of intestines from his body and started to sing into them, I knew jigglypuff liked to sing, and put people to sleep, but this sounded nothing like the way a jigglypuff sang. It was high pitched, and sounded like satan singing a justin beiber song while playing disk 11 (minecraft refrence, the faint broken disk thats known to summon the "No Eyed Player, herobrine). "Im going to make you feel like me." The eevee said, forcing an unknown orb into my mouth. I whited out. I woke up to see I was in a field.

I looked at my hands. I was an Eevee, Covered in wounds and scars,and worst of all it wasn't a sprite it was me and the eevee had taken my place in the real world.

from that day forward I was stuck in the game never to see my family again.