"Face it, man, you're lost,"
I stated aloud. I sent out my Charmander to assist me in this Arceus-forsaken tower. I walked up the stairs, trying to find away out of this labyrinth, when suddenly, Charmander loses his flame. I turn around and pick him up, his lifeless body turning into ash in my palms.

Charmander's flame represents its life energy. If its tail is put out, Charmander will die.

I looked around, hearing a faint, almost taunting cry. "Liiiitwick..." I walked toward the sound with pokeball in hand and stopped. I sent out my Pikachu. "Pikachu, use Flash!" The tower iluminated for a split second, then I hear the cry drawing closer...


The more I heard that cry, the more infuriated I got, knowing that Litwick was somehow the cause of my Pokemon's deaths. I finally see the purplish flame in front of me glow a dark blue, evolving into Lampent.

"Lamp. Lammpent?"

I saw its tempting minature lanterns rock back and forth... back and forth... I hesitantly followed Lampent, my guard up, one hand on the pokeball that held Tyranitar. My vision blurred, and I fell on the floor in front of me. I sent out Tyranitar, but next thing I knew, I felt its crushing body mass on my back. I know this may be the last time I go on an adventure, but... stay away from Celestial Tower...

A box appeared over the young trainer's head. "There is no response. It seems as though he was drained." The Lampent floated away, snickering, having had its fill for the day.

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