I've noticed that the quality of a lot of these stories is... not very good, to say the least. I already mentioned it in the page I recommend starting writers should check out (with the link being to the right of this sentence). [1]

Therefore, I've decided to start to do something about it by starting up this little page. Follow the "Q&A" below to understand how this works, and hopefully this page will catch on to improve the quality of the story.

Q: What is this page?

A: This is a page designed to help authors proof-read and edit their stories, as well as receive feedback on the overall quality of the story.

Q: How do I use this page?

A: Firstly, post your story on the wiki. Then, when you have finished that, either add the category M4R (standing for "Marked for Review") or simply post a link to your story on the comments of this page.

Q: What exactly will you do once I post the link here?

A: I will go through your story and fix all English errors that I see. Then I will put a comment down explaining my personal opinion on the story and the plot elements that I believe need to be improved.

Q: Why would I use this?

A: Look at a lot of the stories on this wiki, and you will see a huge amount of stories with spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other errors, with nobody going around editing it. By posting a comment on this page, you can assure that somebody will be able to pick out most of the errors you have made and make sure your story is of much better quality.

Q: Do I have to be the author in order to mark pages for review or suggest pages?

A: No. Any page can be suggested, but if there is a story in which the author himself wants me to look over it, I will do those before hand so the author can get how to improve his story faster and on time.

Q: Why don't you just go around and find all the stories with errors instead of making this page?

A: It takes time to go around and do that, and I would also like to make sure that I have full permission from the authors to do so. With this page, not only can new authors suggest their page, but older authors whose pages may be harder to find can also recommend their story for editing.

Q: What makes you qualified to edit these pages?

A: I have many stories on the Creepypasta Wiki, and on there are various quality standards, such as the requirement of proper English and proper storytelling. None of my stories have been deleted and I have got quite a few positive comments on them, with little negative responses.

I think I have addressed all the questions. Therefore, post a comment with a link to your story (or the story of someone else) and I'll get to them shortly. Hopefully this can spring up enough to get some quality control on this wiki.



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