One of the most Bloody and killer Pokemon moves any Pokemon can ever learn is Guillotine. Here is the story of how a trainer named Spike lost his good friend Seaking to a trainer with two Pawniards and one Bisharp.

Seaking's End

It was a bright and sunny morning in Undella town. People were walking around the shores laughing and having fun. However, Spike was there for a different reason. Where there are busy towns, there are trainers itching to battle others. So Spike and his Seaking walked the shores, when suddenly they caught the eye of this hooded trainer. They couldn't even see his face.

"That guy...there is something odd about him. I better take him out! You want to try Seaking?" said Spike.

"You, kid," said the trainer, "Care for a little bet?"

"Under what terms?" replied Spike.

"You battle me, and if you win...I'll give you my pokemon." offered the trainer.

"If I lose?" asked Spike.

"Don't worry about that," the trainer said with a grin.

"Okay! Challenge accepted! Bring it! Go Seaking!" Spike yelled.

"Go my minions! Go, my two Pawniards and my Bisharp!" said the trainer.

"Wait hold on! Three on one?" Spike interjected.

"Come on, your Seaking can take it," he said back.

"Ok... whatever. Seaking, use Surf!" Spike ordered.

A huge wave came from the waters of Undella Bay and poured down on his pokemon. But to Spike's surprise all three remained standing like nothing ever happened.

"HAHAHA! Pawniards- use Night Slash!", The two pawnards attacked Spike's poor Seaking, but Seaking remained standing.

"Finish him, Bisharp! Use Guillotine!"

Bisharp ran up to Seaking and picked him up with it's left hand.

"Wait what is he doing!? Wait no! STOP!"

But it was too late. Bisharp threw Seaking into the air, and when Seaking came back down, Bisharp used the blades on its wrists and sliced Spike's poor Seaking in half. Seaking exploded into a blast of blood and fish guts. It was almost like he turned Seaking into Sushi. I quickly ran up to him and picked up his pieces and ran for my life as the trainer laughed like a demon from hell.


Spike remember that day he took Seaking to the Pokemon Center. They told him he wasn't the First person to go through the pains of Guillotine, and the trainer he'd described has been charged with 100 counts of pokemon murder. They did their best to save Seaking but the damage was too great. Seaking died that night. Later that year, Spike found a Haxorus that knew Guillotine. He is now on a search to find this creepy trainer...and when he finds him, his pokemon will watch, as their master gets a taste of his own medicine..... 

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