So if you read part 1 you know what happened in the ending you need to read part 1 to understand this story here is the link:

Alright so here it goes:

So, when I found out the guy who sold it to me went to jail I decided to get the Game out of the trash so I put it in my gameboy after that I was in Misty's gym so I beat the trainers who challenged me when I faced Misty she started talking about weird things like "Don't hurt my Pokemon please don't"! so when I battled here I saw a new Pokemon in my party it was level 100 the Pokemon's name was "RedFire" it was a Dark type Pokemon so I decided to switch Pokemon I used it and the only move was RedFire the Pokemon looked like a Charmelon and a Pikachu mixed but it had black eyes.

When Misty attacked it, it missed so when I used RedFire it hit two of her Pokemon like my Demon Charziard did it was a 1 hit after the battle was done I earned the badge Misty's sprite ran out of the gym screaming.

So after that the game skipped to the city next to the city Misty's gym was at (I forgot the name of the city's)

When I went into the Dojo Gym the other people I was suppose to battle were gone I faced the leader but he said a weird thing like Misty "No please don't battle me take both of the pokemon please!" and he ran out of the gym and I received both of the pokemon.

But I shut the gameboy off and threw the game in the trash again I did not even want to continue going to more gyms because they would still keep on saying weird things.

(The reason why this is short is because I played it for a short time when I took it out of the trash)


  • There is a remake of the original Pokemon FireRed made by Dare101. Just search "Pokemon Fire Red Remake"