Everyone knows what is

Pokemon – it's a simple game, with fun, collectible creatures and plenty of fighting. At first, it seems like everything is calm and peaceful.

But then you get into Pokémon.

You start to wonder why there are so many twisted things in Pokémon – why every single Marowak dies when it's child is young, why Litwick wants to leech your life, and so on. You get Pokémon that ... used to be human? What?

There are inexplicable, even creepy little details in every single game, and many have been explored, but there is no way that they have all been found.

Now, in a simple child's game, why are there these details?

Simple. Nintendo is trying to mimic life. Life has scary things sometimes, has creepy details, and so on and so forth. But why would they want to do this?

Nintendo's ultimate goal is to make money, as you should know. In order to make money, they need interest in the product. And how do they create interest? By making a more desirable, cooler, more fun version of life.

Now, take a step back. This isn't creepy, is it? No? Wrong.

Mimicking life was the first idea they had, but it was definitely not the only one. The little snippets such as the creepy Pokedex entries and the Sevii Islands incident, even Buried Alive. I don't know how, but I have realized that every single little detail is tied together – the only thing missing is the central connection.

See, our subconscious realize this, but most of us are not aware of it, thus compelling us to play more Pokémon to find the missing link.

And no one knows the extent of these connections. Maybe even in-game stories are part of the thread. But until the final piece is found, we will keep playing. In other words, we are compelling ourselves to play subconsciously.

The creepy thing is that Nintendo intended this to happen. What's even creepier is that Nintendo has gone from giving us little hints to outright taunting us, so we will never find the answer.


And until we find the central link, what will we do? We will continue to play Pokèmon. Which means that we will be addicted until we die.

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