aka Mia

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  • I live in Texas
  • I was born on March 19
  • My occupation is Writer
  • I am Female
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It's me!!!!

  1. I have been playing Pokemon since the release of Red & Blue
  2. I own several different titles in the Pokemon franchise.
  3. I am on this site because I like the occasional kick in the childhood.
  4. I am aspiring author and love to write fan-fictions.
  5. I have never been on a wiki before this one.
  6. I plan on helping to add substance to all the shorter stories in dire need of editing.
  7. I appear to be of the Female, Homosapien species, though I could be a triceratops.
  8. I was born and raised in the USA but relocated to Germany.
  9. I am a lesbian and no you can't watch.
  • True Gamer Girl* -- not a controller licker.

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