aka EndWolf Hydro // Skye

  • I live in The Darkness
  • I was born on October 23
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
               ~ I'm so ignored that I don't care anymore. Yay. ~


Oh, hi there! My name's Hydro. Yeah, that's my real-life name. Don't judge. Anyways, welcome to the Pokepasta Wiki! I'm from Malaysia, but, when I was 4, I moved to Alaska with my family. I'm back in Malaysia as of January 2016. Since that I'm not really active on this wiki, please look in the Social Media section to find ways to contact me.

I'm an admin of this wiki and I'm also the creator and voice provider for the UTAUloid/FURloids, Hydropoid ( Haiduro Owarikami ) and Carmina Noctis. Feel free to contact me if you want to.

Social Media

Okay, here we go.

DeviantArt: ParalyzedLaughter

Instagram: @errorcode23.hydro

Wattpad: @EndWolfHydro ( Not so active, please contact me via my joint account with @Otaku777Awesome. )

Kik: ZhosurTigers

PicsArt: @endoftheline

FurAffinity : ( No account yet, sorry. )

YouTube: Mango Fox

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