Pokemon Hack Edition Roms Download (Update)

Pokemon Hack Edition Roms Download (Update)

So I was randomly browsing the internet, looking for some things to add to the Wikia (also trying to figure out if anyone had ever played a cartridge like the one I recently order // look at my blog about buying a hacked game so that you know what I'm talking about) and I came across this youtube video.

Basically it's just a mixture of different hacked games (I'm not sure if any of them are scary) from Mexico/Spain, Germany, and the United States <--the games are labelled where they come from, so no worried.

The video description includes the links as well as the link for the VisualBoy Emulator to play them on. I would also look into downloading Lunar IPS just in case these games later have patches.

Anyways, just thought this was a great way to get the information out and inspire the writers here at the PokeWiki.

Stay tuned for more news from Moi.

Published on May 16, 2012

Pokemon Hack Edition Roms Downoad You wanna say Thx? Here you can perpetuate you ;) : GBC/GBA Emulator (VBA) Pokemon Ash Grey (english): Pokemon Chaos Black (deutsch): Pokemon Flora Sky (english): Pokemon Blue Sea (spanish): Pokemon Ruby Destiny (english): Pokemon Shiny Gold (english): Pokemon Naranja (spanglish) Pokemon Bloody Platin (deutsch): Pokemon Ghost Type only Run Saphir (deutsch): Pokemon Quartz (english): Pokemon Marble (english): Pokemon Light Platinum (english): Pokemon Dark Cry (english): Pokemon Never (english): Pokemon Sienna (english): Pokemon Blue Kaizo (english): Pokemon Amber (english): Pokemon Ruby Destiny Rescue Rangers: Pokemon Fuligin (english): Pokemon Christmas: Pokemon Prism: Pokemon Ultimate End: Pokemon Brown: Pokemon Snakewood: coming more...

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