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something I found on eBay.

Now...the cartridge shown here is not something that I bought. I dunno if it is actually haunted, or merely just another Hacked ROM, but, I have found that since the Pokepasta Fandom has grown, and the ROMs out there have become more fancy, elaborate, and is not uncommon to find hacked and/or bootlegged cartridges on eBay and online in General.

Just the other day I was surfing around and someone was selling what they said was a legitimate LeafGreen Version, but they were throwing in a FAKE Sapphire Version because they could not sell it on their own.

It's the same when it comes to that weird Gold Version that I bought from Italy (Refer back to Previous Blogs for the Post, and updates will be coming soon) was out there for anyone to buy even though it was obvious that this was not your normal Pokemon Game.

Still, while the making and selling of these things are illegal due to copywright reasons, people still put these items up for bid, and it is really hard to snag one for yourself under $50---this one above was already going for $30 (not including shipping) and it had 27 different bids. It was a little expensive for my taste, so I left it alone. I was outbid for the deal including the FAKE Sapphire Version at the last minute unfortunately.

Still...these games pop up here and there, so it's not exactly rare to find something like this (even though people think that it is). And it really makes you wonder, could the Pokepastas really be...real? Sure we have the game-remakes of our favorite stories, but, what if things like what we read here really did happen? People can do so mcuh with code that it wouldn't surprise me were someone to get a really fucked up Pokemon game meant to haunt people in their dreams.

So...leave a comment and let me know if you have had any great finds lately? Anything strange about where the Pokemon fandom is going of late? I really want to know what other people have discovered out there while browsing the web.

Well Pokepasta fans and Wikia...until next time :)

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