I found this Wikia about 4 days ago, and since joining just yesterday, I have put a tremendous amount of effort to add content, edit, and etc (*points out all of her achievement points and badges*). But, I really need your help~!!!

There are so many Pokepasta's out there, and while I have added the biggest ones that I know of (and that are my true favorites), there are still the smaller and less popular Pokepastas that are out there, ready to be added to this site. I have been using a CreepyPasta wiki and other Pokepasta wiki's to get my information. ( <--the site I have been using as of late). This wiki has over 400 Pokepastas that could add a great deal of content to this particular wikia is I just had some help with this project.

Along with adding content, I have been keen on updating the pastas already here. I spent an hour alone just working with Pokemon Headtaker as it seemed to be pretty popular and regularly visited. I ask for just a few people to start contributing just a bit more so that people can come here and spend hours reading Pokepastas.

I think that would be amazing, don't you? Write on my 'talk' section if there's anything specific you would like me to find and/or you really want to help!!!

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