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This was what the cartridge looked like when I purchased it...

I don't know if it's true or not...but I might have just bought a hacked game.

I was looking for a Gameboy Advance via Ebay and I just happened across a 'related listing' of a Gold version that was being shipped out from Italy. My biggest problem of late is that every time I try to order something, no one that I am buying from (I will only purchase titles in English that I can read the description) will ship my order to the Southern part of Germany.

Anyways, what struck me about this Gold version was that it had the sticker that identified it as Gold version, but the cartridge on the display picture was grey. Rather than say 'Gameboy' on the indentation, the game merely read 'Game', and even the Gold version sticker seemed like a knock-off. I'm hoping that this picture is not of the real cartridge I am receiving and that the image is clearly just some random picture found off of Google or Yahoo...but if not, then I might have actually purchased a hacked Pokemon game!

  • trembles with both fear and excitement*

It should be shipped to my house within the next 5 I will keep everyone posted on what happens. Please wish me luck as I think this is the most fascinated and scared that I have been in a long time.

    • edited: Further reason why I believe this game is hacked is because I cannot find this image anywhere on the internet. I know for a fact that this game is shipping from Italy. It says it is for US game-consoles, BUT even when you type in a search of images for Italian and/or Spanish game cartridges, they all show the classic-style cartridge only wish the language changed to fit the country's needs. 0.0;;

I am seriously terrified you guys.

***edited': For those That don't believe that this is real or is the Ebay page where I purchased the game.