Strange Gold Version Gameplay

Strange Gold Version Gameplay

Here is the second installment of videos and blogging over the Strange Gold Version that I bought off of eBay.

As mentioned before...the video is crappy quality because I did have to record this via my iPod, so taht everyone could watch as I played this on my Gameboy SP.

Now that we are actually getting into the Gameplay, I can explain to you what I have seen.

First of all...the "Game Freak" logo was messed up upon starting. It was distorted and looked as if the game had glitched. Starting intro played out the same as usual, nothing weird about was the same.

But, the starting screen was what really got me. Everything was the same except this Pokemon Gold version (though totally in English) had the Japanese Title in the start screen. Odd.

Next thing I noticed as the intro when Starting a New Game. right away it is obvious that this is a bootlegged game or something similar because of the poor translations. Everything is in very crappy english, but, some things remain in Japanese (such as Pokemon names or etc). Also, once gameplay has started, you notice that there are some changes to the surrounding...just minor things like a PC being in a house that never had one before and etc. Not too odd, just really out of place.

Last thing that I noticed was that, when checking the Player-Status screen, it showed something at the Bottom which said "Version 1.0" // this has got me to thinking that perhaps this was either a Gold-Version that was leaked and then downloaded before it was supposed to be released or that it could go beyond that and actually be a BETA-Testing Cartridge. I have heard of these games before, where a few are released in the US so that people can test the gameplay (they fix translations and other things later) before the final product is released.

If this is true, then I have a really rare item on my hands and in my collection. But, sadly, there is nothing else weird about this game. I will continue playing and let everyone know what happens n Part.3 of this Blog-installment!