Okay guys here is the good news!

as you may have read in another blog, i am adopting the wikia! now i will be getting bureaucrat status and i will be giving those who are worthy and those i trust statuses!

I will also be having a wikia cleanup too, so dont miss it! we will look through the pages for trollpastas and if any of you find it leave a comment there and the admins will delete it

now for the suprise! 

I have gotten i contact with element02 (dont ask how but it wasnt very easy) and i have convinced her to try to go to the wikia :)

so please stay tuned for the wikia change and stuff!

oh also!

i forgot many details!

if the tpastas (trollpastas) are on a blog, leave them there because thats a guidline they are folowing!

and i will post the wikia cleanup date soon! 

happy pokepastaing!


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