So this is a blog for what pokepasta cliches we see most often and how to avoid them.

Lavender town

This was one/if not the most, of the most overused cliches ever, since, you know... Lavender town is the death town. I have read a lot of pokepastas with lavender town in it.

Avoiding this cliche is as simple as not adding the cliche. All you do is choose another, less explored location and you're good.


These characters have been part of many cliches because everyone wants to use them. My tip to you to avoid these cliches is to use an unexpected character like.. say.. marill. Nobody suspects marill but thats a good thing (please don't turn marill into a cliche..)

(Well, don't actually use marill. Marill is just a letdown, y'know?)


This, along with lavender town is another realy overused cliche, but it isn't always bad to have. 

My tip for this cliche is to put a little bit if you need but not much. Just remember that gore =/= horror and you'll be fine.

Fake moves

Don't have pokemon in your story know nonexistent moves like 'kill' or 'slaughter'. This kind of fits into the blood/gore cliche, but this is overused enough that it deserves its own subsection. Try using real moves with creepy effects or destructive potential, like ominous wind, curse, or will-o-wisp.

"It must be a glitch"

This must be the most overused cliche in all of gaming creepypasta. It's only really believable if the game is being played on an emulator, and even then, the extent of things that can be passed off as glitches is pretty limited. You never see bloody versions of sprites or whatever, just weird blocks. Give your characters a different reason to keep playing the game. Morbid curiosity is slightly less overused, so you could potentially go with that.

Fainting replaced with death

This is a common one, where the fainting icon or text is replaced with something death related. Try making it so its not as blatant, or just stick with the "fainted" message- until the protagonist looks at their party...

Hacked game

This cliche is where the game is hacked (More or less like they put a fangame on the cartridge), and the protagonist realises its hacked. While this cliche isn't as bad, you might want to try something else.

We'll add more when we think of them.

Have fun and good luck!

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