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  • Imtheaura

    So this is a blog for what pokepasta cliches we see most often and how to avoid them.

    This was one/if not the most, of the most overused cliches ever, since, you know... Lavender town is the death town. I have read a lot of pokepastas with lavender town in it.

    Avoiding this cliche is as simple as not adding the cliche. All you do is choose another, less explored location and you're good.

    These characters have been part of many cliches because everyone wants to use them. My tip to you to avoid these cliches is to use an unexpected character like.. say.. marill. Nobody suspects marill but thats a good thing (please don't turn marill into a cliche..)

    (Well, don't actually use marill. Marill is just a letdown, y'know?)

    This, along with lavender tow…

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  • Imtheaura

    Good news!

    i am now admin on the pokepasta wikia! so be sure to help me find t-pastas by putting the trollpasta categorys on it

    be sure to look for the wikia cleanup!

    Also i am going to try and tell element about the news

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  • Imtheaura

    Okay guys here is the good news!

    as you may have read in another blog, i am adopting the wikia! now i will be getting bureaucrat status and i will be giving those who are worthy and those i trust statuses!

    I will also be having a wikia cleanup too, so dont miss it! we will look through the pages for trollpastas and if any of you find it leave a comment there and the admins will delete it

    now for the suprise! 

    I have gotten i contact with element02 (dont ask how but it wasnt very easy) and i have convinced her to try to go to the wikia :)

    so please stay tuned for the wikia change and stuff!

    oh also!

    i forgot many details!

    if the tpastas (trollpastas) are on a blog, leave them there because thats a guidline they are folowing!

    and i will post the wiki…

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  • Imtheaura

    I have some news!

    July 6, 2015 by Imtheaura

    I will try to adopt the wikia with AngelOfTheSkies .

    i have made a request on wikia and to someones wall that we both get bureaucrat. if anyone else thinks they are worthy of admin or something like it please write it in the comments


    (Imtheaura (talk) 18:30, July 6, 2015 (UTC))

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  • Imtheaura

    Where did everyone go?

    March 19, 2015 by Imtheaura

    Where is everyone? in my last blog noone was around. well look for "abandon ship!" please! i'd rather not remake that post heheh.. ^V^*

    Well anyways look at my wiki if you see this message! My wiki here is where you can find me! Feel free to join!


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