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  • Imtheaura

    you may have noticed i am on here ALOT. its just i like to see new pastas if there are any and enjoy them but i havent seen people when im on..... OH THE IRONY!!!!      So if you see my morning blog read it! its very inportain info and all dat....    I found this game on my faviorite site and this is what happened once....

    The mayor eats you for no discernible reason.

    your probly thinking.. "LOL im... dying.... (gasp!)"  and i cant blame you LOL!

    got another copy of a game cause the other wouldnt work and turns out the thing would keep making me go down and i tried options... nothing.  So i let my mom try and she said to wipe it and.... it worked.    Im so ticked off about that lol. i should  have known that was the problem but i never had a …

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  • Imtheaura


    July 27, 2014 by Imtheaura

    good morning pokepasta makers! i have something to tell you! from now on im going to do a pokepasta with a few simple words every day. Please DO NOT:

    • Edit, delete, troll, or in any way destroy the pastas because i will edit them to be much better
    • Tell me a word that isnt funny/ kid friendly because thats not really neccecary now is it?
    • Insult me because i will not tolerate it
    • Be angry at me. I did nothing wrong! D:

    So in the comments leave me three words. The words have to be useable like for example......

    eevee, scar, death.

    Words i cannot use are these...

    the, them, are.

    You get the point.

    so i have something weird happen to me the other day (it does not include pokemon alas...) i was playing minecraft (demo) on my brothers friends ps3 the other d…

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  • Imtheaura

    Hello pokepasta makers! im here to help you use the pokeradar  so you can easily find shiny pokemon! heres a few rules to remember:

    1. do not use other key items while keeping a chain or you're chain will be broken

    2. dont use the skates/bike or the chain will be broken

    3. if you didnt know and are wondering how to use the radar you go in the grass (i deleted my game cause i didnt think about that......) then use it

    4. if you encounter a different pokemon that you werent chaining the chain will be broken

    5. if you encounter zapdos/moltres/articuno it DOES NOT break youre chain so dont sweat it

    6. if you encounter a pokemon that was not in shaking grass and is a different pokemon it breaks you're chain but if its the same pokemon i dont know... m…

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  • Imtheaura

    Hello! im imtheaura ive been on this site before i made an account and i dream of making awesome pokepastas! the only thing i ask is that you do not i repeat do not delete any pastas cause im gonna edit them when i get more experience with writing. and just like (mosly) all of you im a pokemon fan and i love pokemon! i even have a giant pikachu plushie!

    for another thing im not a troll and i hope to have you guys understand that if its cliche im sorry! i also apologize if some of my pastas suck since im new im trying my best.

    I hope that you realy good pasta makers can help me lift off!  and heres something funny.....


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