~ Hello, Welcome To A Tutorial Page By Admin Skye ~ Hello everyone, Admin Skye speaking here. Today I shall discuss about Basic Writing. The ways of writing a good pokepasta is simple. The steps are below.

  • Put a smidge of horror into your Pokepasta

Why? Of course, Pokepastas are spin-offs of Creepypastas, and this wiki was made for people to put in Pokepastas after PokeMon Category Add-Ons were banned from the Creepypasta Wiki. A smidge of horror makes it a bit more relevant.

  • Make your story sad.

Your story would be awesome if it has at least a little bit o' sadness. Why? Because, have you ever read I Won't Leave You? If you have, that's good. I Won't Leave You is a classic Pokepasta created by Tyrin7. Its sad and horror in one. Go read it and see what I mean.

  • Don't put a Mary Sue character into your story

Mary Sues are characters who are perfect in everything, and you don't want that because you haven't finished your story yet, haven't you? Mary Sues are also usually rich people in your story, and quite a few stories use Mary Sues.

  • Lower the Cliche level

The Cliche Level is parts of that are almost stumbling into something like, "Oh! PURPLEEE!" and stuff like that. Stories like Gold Mine are cliches, and try to avoid cliches.

  • Get Inspiration

Inspiration is the most important thing to make a pasta. Inspirational stories are like Forever Zubat and Cubone's Revenge. Without Inspiration, you will have to make your story off the bat. Inspiration also helps the Fear Factor and Cliche Reducements, so read a good pasta/story before making one of your own.

There we go, Pokepasta Wiki members. This is the basics of every story should refer to, especially the Inspiration part. That's all for Tutorials  By Admin Skye Today, and 'till next time, Take To The Skies, Farewell and Goodbye.

                                                                                                                             With Honour,

                                                                                                                                    Admin Skye

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